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#1 30-Apr-2021 08:08:33

Admin. / Scol language & OpenSpace3D developer
From: Nantes
Registered: 30-Mar-2009
Posts: 4,783

OpenSpace3D 1.85 beta


you can download and try the next OpenSpace3D release!

## What's new ##

- Add rendering lod bias plugIT
- Add help plugIT to display informations in the editor
- Add AR capture stereo plugIT to manage stereo camera
- Add plugIT explode to move the subnodes of an object appart
- Manage OpenVR stereo camera
- Manage 3D videos modes and allow to keep ratio in video plugIT
- Manage compositor and material scheme in camera texture plugIT
- Ar marker now move objects with physics when available
- Object follow now move objects with physics when available
- Serial add delayed Opened event to give Arduino the time to initialize
- Move debug console into Editor category
- Correction on plugITs languages
- Correct Ar marker crash and limit id to 1022

- Add/Update templates in Assets/templates
- Add 3D library in Assets/models/library/goods
- Add chamfered primitives models
- Correct links order on copy / paste
- Correct 360 sphere and templates to prevent the picture to be flipped
- Manage more 3D formats (gltf, glb...)
- Add an option on import models conversion to optimize textures
- Manage stereo viewport size to differ main viewport
- Allow to define a plugIT color in the plugIT XML definition or by the user
- Show the current selected plugIT description from menu in status bar
- Localize plugITs categories
- Allow right click on 3D view position toolbar buttons to invert the behavior
- Manage truetype fonts for HUD to allow accents on all platforms

Core / Scol:
- Manage stereo widget in 3D engine
- Manage camera LOD bias in 3D engine
- Manage embedded textures on 3D models conversion
- Manage texture optimisation on 3D models conversion
- Manage compositors and material scheme on camera texture
- Manage widgets better when using stereo
- Optimize videos reading for better video / sound synchronisation and avoid lags
- Optimize fonts drawing on bitmaps
- Correct 2D rect widgets not visible in some cases
- Add a callback from menu selection in lib2D _CBmenuHighlight
- Correct Android bundle export
- Manage HTTP proxy on VM, Curl and FFmpeg uses
- Hack wiimote plugin to make it connect on windows 10
- Update dependencies (Boost, ffmpeg, assimp...)
- Update Oculus Mobile SDK (need an up to date Oculus Quest)


#2 1-May-2021 13:14:54

Registered: 3-Nov-2020
Posts: 26

Re: OpenSpace3D 1.85 beta

Thank you Arkeon.


#3 8-May-2021 15:43:56

Registered: 3-Nov-2020
Posts: 26

Re: OpenSpace3D 1.85 beta

Hi Arkeon.

will 1.85 support the metal for ios?


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