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#2 Openspace3D » Object Detection OpenCV » 15-Feb-2023 03:58:10

Replies: 2

Hello Arkeon,

It is very interesting if openspace3d has object recognition. Is this difficult to implement?

#3 Re: Openspace3D » OpenSpace3D 1.90 » 15-Jan-2023 12:30:28

Suggestion: If you make an Openspace3D app for android, there will definitely be many people who use this application like Prisma3D.

#5 Re: OpenSpace3D Beta program » OpenSpace3D 1.90 Beta » 29-Dec-2022 07:58:41

Hello Arkeon,

I think multitouch is less sensitive, it's very difficult to swipe.
Can you make it more sensitive for 1.90 version?


#6 Re: Openspace3D » Multiple meshes with one shared skeleton » 7-Nov-2022 15:09:05

mesh and shared skeleton can be imported in different scene or xos file..

so each mesh with shared skeleton have each scene file

then each scene can be instance loading using (instantiate plugit) in main scene

sorry about my bad english

#8 Re: Openspace3D » Multiple meshes with one shared skeleton » 7-Nov-2022 12:23:28

Thanks for your reply,

skeleton file size is large, many animations there. if I make it for each 10 model, app size become too large.

Location not a big problem, we can put all mesh files in same folder, but only the mesh need to link with share skeleton <skeletonlink name="SHARE.skeleton"/>

#9 Openspace3D » Multiple meshes with one shared skeleton » 6-Nov-2022 14:16:20

Replies: 6

Hello Arkeon,

I read at ogre forum how multiple meshes can share one skeleton

"Pointing more than one .mesh at a single .skeleton. You do this by picking the same skeleton as has already been exported during mesh export (if you know the skeleton is absolutely identical and the exporter supports this), or by using XMLConverter - edit the .mesh.xml and tweak the skeletonlink element to point at the same skeleton before converting to binary."

I have change the skeletonlink name to SHARE.skeleton before converting to binary, but I doesn't work in OS3D

<skeletonlink name="SHARE.skeleton"/>

How to make it work on OS3D?

#10 Re: Openspace3D » OpenSpace3D 1.85 » 31-Aug-2021 14:46:05

Sorry I mistyped. I just replaced the file in OS3D_portable_x64\partition_LockedApp\tools\os3deditor not in OS3D_portable_x64\OpenSpace3D\tools\os3deditor

In OS3D_portable_x64\OpenSpace3D\tools\os3deditor only contains log config file

#11 Re: Openspace3D » OpenSpace3D 1.85 » 31-Aug-2021 13:42:52

I just replaced the file in OpenSpace3D\tools\os3deditor not in other folder

I try to change 810 to 750 then I can see the OK and cancel button but can't see display settings when scroll down in that window

fun cbTbBtnProjectSetting(tbstr, croll, btn, mask, viewstr)=
  if (settingWindow != nil) then nil else
  let [400 810] -> [iw ih] in … sp=sharing

#13 Re: Openspace3D » OpenSpace3D 1.85 » 30-Aug-2021 11:49:25

lenovo ideapad & gpu 0: intel hd graphics family & gpu 1: nvidia geforce gt 720m

#16 Re: Openspace3D » OpenSpace3D 1.85 » 27-Aug-2021 16:53:39

yup... i'm sure

maybe the height of the project setting window more than the screen size

#17 Re: Openspace3D » OpenSpace3D 1.85 » 27-Aug-2021 16:10:55

Now, I can open project setting like previous version but still can't see  'OK' and 'cancel' button.

look at screenshot image below … sp=sharing

#18 Re: Openspace3D » OpenSpace3D 1.85 » 25-Aug-2021 16:55:10

Hello Arkeon, I have replace the file but still same.. cant open project setting corectly

#19 Re: Openspace3D » OpenSpace3D 1.85 » 23-Aug-2021 11:21:37

Can u open OS3D portable on laptop? it will help you to know the issue correctly.. thanks

#21 Re: Openspace3D » OpenSpace3D 1.85 » 10-Aug-2021 04:43:39

Hello.. I used portable OS3D v1.85 and can't save in project setting..
I can't see 'OK' and 'cancel' like in previous version.

maybe project setting window height is too tall and then when I click on project setting button, project setting window doesn't fit my screen and the window become smaller, then 'OK' and 'cancel' button dissapeared.

#24 Re: OpenSpace3D Beta program » OpenSpace3D 1.84 beta » 6-Dec-2020 12:30:02

Hello Arkeon,

I found that app built with Openspace3D 1.84 beta 3 were unstable when opening camera...
sometimes it working but sometimes the app suddenly close..

I have tested on Redmi Note 9s, no more blackscreen when open camera.
But it is still not working.. I have sent the video to your email.

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