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#1 Re: Openspace3D » 1.84 Portable not showing images correctly » 19-Mar-2021 16:37:52

Seems to - I'm going to get it re-installed, hopefully that will fix it.


#2 Re: Openspace3D » 1.84 Portable not showing images correctly » 19-Mar-2021 15:55:10

arkeon wrote:


when a model shows a black and yellow texture it means the texture is missing.
Check if the textures are in the corresponding folder set in the material files.

2 options:
- the cow folder or a parent folder have been moved.
- someone have deleted all the images files

Ok so everything seems to be in order.  It's the portable version.  The materials file id the as is the cow_52.jpg file the folder structure is assets/models/library/Kingdom_Animalia/cow

I have the same problem with all the library assets so it looks like something has changed but i can't see what.  I'll look at getting the technician to replace the install.


#4 Openspace3D » 1.84 Portable not showing images correctly » 19-Mar-2021 15:01:06

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We've been using the portable version in school for a while and not really had many issues.  I've come back from lockdown and have a strange issue that i'm thinking is probably not OpenSpace but needt o check.

When I import a scene say the cow for example, the image dispays as a yellow cow.  It used to have a paterned material skin.  All the example assets now import only as yellow shapes.

Is this a setting that has been changed or is this an issue with graphic drivers in school?


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