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#1 Re: OpenSpace3D Beta program » OpenSpace3D 1.90 Beta » 13-Dec-2022 18:25:41

The DirectX change worked, it works great on the old computer too. Thank you Arkeon.


#2 Re: OpenSpace3D Beta program » OpenSpace3D 1.90 Beta » 13-Dec-2022 15:05:03

Thank you very much Arkeon. i will do it.

#3 Re: OpenSpace3D Beta program » OpenSpace3D 1.90 Beta » 13-Dec-2022 12:40:20

I tried a new computer rtx 3070 16gb ram i7 1170 11th gen 2.50ghz. It is working perpectly. Thank you Arkeon. There is no problem now. It is perfect.

#4 Re: OpenSpace3D Beta program » OpenSpace3D 1.90 Beta » 13-Dec-2022 12:22:00

Yes i did and app instantly crashed. Graphic driver is updated.

#5 Re: OpenSpace3D Beta program » OpenSpace3D 1.90 Beta » 13-Dec-2022 09:37:03


You can use that drive link. Thank you.

#6 Re: OpenSpace3D Beta program » OpenSpace3D 1.90 Beta » 12-Dec-2022 21:51:17

Hello Arkeon. I sent a log file drive folder link to your e-mail address. I have an old AMD Radeon HD 6510 Graphic card in this pc.

#7 Re: OpenSpace3D Beta program » OpenSpace3D 1.90 Beta » 12-Dec-2022 18:39:41

Hello Arkeon. I hope this log can help you to solve that problem.
Thank you.

#8 Re: OpenSpace3D Beta program » OpenSpace3D 1.90 Beta » 11-Dec-2022 09:31:07

Hello Arkeon. Unfortunately still have the same problem. After the second press of the play button the app crashed. After importing an object and pressing scale, rotate and move, the application crashed. I wonder if there is a file loss or error because I extracted the archive with 7z? I will also try with winrar. Maybe I'm not extracting the archive properly.

#9 Re: OpenSpace3D Beta program » OpenSpace3D 1.90 Beta » 8-Dec-2022 19:59:23

Great news smile Thank you Arkeon. I ll try and give feedback.

#10 Re: Openspace3D » OpenSpace3D 1.87 » 6-Dec-2022 16:51:17

This is great news. I'm so glad to hear that smile

#11 Re: Openspace3D » OpenSpace3D 1.87 » 6-Dec-2022 12:49:30

Hello Arkeon. Earlier we talked about the issue with the play button in the editor. I think another user had the same problem. Before export, I cannot test the project with the play button in the editor. I will try the api update on Android Studio, but I have tried it before and faced library problems. Another solution can be to build the project on 1.85, test it and export it on 1.87. Thank you

#12 Re: Openspace3D » OpenSpace3D 1.87 » 5-Dec-2022 09:42:51

Hello Arkeon. I hope you are fine and everything is ok. Do you have any suggestions for us to upgrade android api levels? If you can help with this, we can continue to release mobile android products with old versions. I use still 1.85 and it is enough and perfect for me. Maybe you can share a youtube tutorial video on this topic, that would be good.

#13 Re: Openspace3D » OpenSpace3D 1.87 » 12-Oct-2022 18:40:43

Thank you Arkeon. That is nice to hear.

#14 Re: Openspace3D » OpenSpace3D 1.87 » 11-Oct-2022 07:52:18

Hello friend.
It's nice to have people in the same situation as me. I agree with you OS3D is the game engine of the future and this is a great platform.

#15 Re: Openspace3D » OpenSpace3D 1.87 » 8-Oct-2022 13:03:10

Hello Arkeon. How can i download old versions as portable. I need v 1.86 and v 1.85 protable x64. If you don't mind can I get the download links for them?

Thank you

#16 Re: Openspace3D » OpenSpace3D 1.87 » 26-Sep-2022 17:02:29

Including 1.87 beta version

#18 Re: Openspace3D » OpenSpace3D 1.87 » 26-Sep-2022 15:18:46

Hello Arkeon. I have 6 computers and they all have the same problem. Have you tried this process? Does it work well for you? Because I tried it on my 6 computers and the result is always the same. When I press the play button in the editor twice, the editor crashes. (After play we can not click same button to stop)If you are sure, I will pass on the information of all my computers. Thank you for your help.

#19 Re: Openspace3D » OpenSpace3D 1.87 » 25-Sep-2022 20:25:49

Could it be an overlooked bug about play button action?

#20 Re: Openspace3D » OpenSpace3D 1.87 » 29-Aug-2022 08:52:39

Thanks Arkeon. Unfortunately, I have the same problem when I run os3d 1.87 on my other computers. i can not go back to edit mode after playing the scene. the application crashes.

#21 Re: Openspace3D » OpenSpace3D 1.87 » 17-Aug-2022 21:01:47

Hello Arkeon. Thank you but this is not about my pkos files. OS3D 1.87 Portable version (32 or 64 bit) even if I do not upload any files and do nothing, when I press the play button a second time, the editor crashes and closes instantly. (the play button is the first button in the editor's interface - /ctrl+backspace)

#22 Re: Openspace3D » OpenSpace3D 1.87 » 31-Jul-2022 15:04:27

Hello. Unfortunately, the app shuts down quickly after a while. If I try to load an old asset it  shuts down instantly. I could not do a stable work with 1.87. I am using the portable version. Other old versions work fine. What could cause this? Anyone else having the same problem? Please help me(I am using Windows 10)

#23 Re: OpenSpace3D Beta program » OS3D 1.87 Beta » 9-Jun-2022 23:03:38

The updates look very good thank you Arkeon. I will try.

#24 Re: Suggestions » Suggestion and Request » 13-Nov-2021 00:01:36

Hello Arkeon. This is amazing news. Thank you very much in advance.
Best Regards

#25 Suggestions » Suggestion and Request » 11-Nov-2021 13:10:53

Replies: 3

Hello Arkeon and other developers.

I've been using openspace3d for a long time. OS3d is a much better quality and useful game engine compared to other game engines I use such as Unreal Engine and Unity. I am grateful to you for this. However, if the ad plugin for admob feature and the METAL Api for iOS are added, we can also prepare mobile games that make a lot of noise in a short time. I think that your focus on these issues will make other developers like me, who prepare projects with OS3D and are eager to publish, very happy. Seeing the current capacity of the OS3D program, I can understand what you are aiming for, you have an incredible horizon and talent. But be sure, as someone who uses "unity" and "unreal engine" game engines, I would like to say that OS3D is far above them with its current capacity and ease of use.

Best Regards

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