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#1 Programing » Create a robot that recognizes images and speech » 7-Mar-2023 13:19:47

Replies: 1

Hey guys,

I'm returning to the community after some time away.
I want to create a robot using raspberry pi. This robot must recognize a list of predefined images and say something about this image.
Has anyone done this with OpenSpace?
I remember an Arkeon project that was similar to this, but I can't find where I saw it.
Can anyone give me a tip?

#3 Openspace3D » Two video layers at the same time » 1-Mar-2022 22:20:09

Replies: 2

Two video layers at the same time
I need to create a Windows Desktop application that runs the video stream from the webcam on a backgroud layer and an upper layer that plays a video (.mov or .flv) with alpha channel.
I tried the approach of using the AR_Capture plugIT as a texture for a 3D mesh, but to no avail. I'm probably doing something wrong.
Here's the link to the video that should be on the top layer, in case anyone wants to do tests:

Link Video

In the image I explained what I need:
Image exemple

#4 Re: Openspace3D » OpenSpace3D 1.84 Released! » 19-Dec-2020 13:28:25

Congratulations on implementing the ARSlam feature, it will be very useful in educational projects.

#5 Re: Openspace3D » Need your Help - Users testimony » 17-Feb-2020 15:26:48

My name: Alexandre Conceição Bastos

My country / city: Brazil (City Pelotas - RS)

My field of expertise: Education apps

Time in years using OpenSpace3D: 15 years

My opinion about OpenSpace3D: for me it is a more complete authoring tool that allows quick learning of its use

My experience with OpenSpace3D : In my applications I take advantage of the potential and ease that OpenSpace3D brings to the use of augmented reality.

My project(s) made with OpenSpace3D (optional):

Fun Alphabet GMBC
- Description: Book used by children in the literacy process
- Medias: Video 01 and Video 02

experiment.A.R - Evento no Shopping Uberaba
- Description: Shopping entertainment event
- Medias: Video 03

#6 Re: Openspace3D » OpenSpace3D 1.81 » 31-Jul-2019 22:37:08

Exporting an apk using the "App Bundle" format is much anticipated, congratulations for this update.

#7 Re: Openspace3D » OpenSpace3D 1.80 » 27-May-2019 12:49:58

What good news! Now we can compile for architecture arm64-v8a and x86_64.
For me today OpenSPace3D is the best existing tool for creating and publishing applications with multimedia content.
I congratulate the entire development team, especially Arkeon.

#8 Re: Educational Projects » FlowerAR » 27-May-2019 12:45:12

Congratulations on the beautiful work. It will be very useful for student learning in the classroom.

#9 Educational Projects » Teaching OpenSpace3D to students at school » 14-Apr-2018 16:41:10

Replies: 1

After a while, I'm starting an old idea. You must be in the age group of 13 to 17 years in OpenSpace3D, aiming to create a learning file to be reused in the school itself. I'm preparing the video-lesson material and have a start-up forecast for 60 days. I'll post photos and videos about this project.

#10 Openspace3D » Congratulate » 21-Dec-2017 02:46:47

Replies: 1

Increasingly I am positively surprised with OpenSpace3D. I want to congratulate the entire team. I am eager to use the 3dRudder plugIT.


#11 Re: Openspace3D » OpenSpace3D 1.30 » 28-Jul-2017 19:33:51

Congratulations to the entire OS3D development team, particularly for Arkeon. I know many solutions and technologies around the world and I'm sure that OpenSpace3D is the authoring environment that evolves with more speed and quality.

#12 Re: Openspace3D » SLAM (Simultaneous Location and Mapping) » 4-Jul-2017 15:33:21

I understand, this is a long and arduous job. I am studying C ++ and in a medium term future I believe I can collaborate with the community on projects of this type.

#13 Openspace3D » SLAM (Simultaneous Location and Mapping) » 4-Jul-2017 13:36:33

Replies: 3

Hello Arkeon,

How difficult is it to implement the SLAM (Simultaneous Location and Mapping) feature for OpenSpace3D?
Examples of use can be seen at … redirect=1 and

#14 Re: Openspace3D » OpenSpace3D 1.21 » 23-Dec-2016 12:08:28

Great news for OpenSpace3D. Congratulations to the entire OS3D team.

#15 Re: Openspace3D » Example usage of the plugin DB Sqlite3 » 21-Jul-2016 21:34:32

Great, I'll try this approach.
Thank you for your precious collaboration.

#16 Re: Openspace3D » Example usage of the plugin DB Sqlite3 » 21-Jul-2016 20:55:46


I'll try to create something with PlugIt Config File and work with an XML structure. If this feature is not enough, I try to create a data structure on the internet to access by a Restfull API. What do you think of this last option?


#17 Re: Openspace3D » Example usage of the plugin DB Sqlite3 » 20-Jul-2016 21:29:08

You quote the PlugIt Config File? From what I read this PlugIt works with XML files. If I can write and read an XML structure, my problem is solved. What do you think? I can solve with XML?

#18 Re: Openspace3D » Example usage of the plugin DB Sqlite3 » 20-Jul-2016 19:01:07

I need to write an application questions and answers that can be given, or to insert new, change and delete. You have any suggestions on how I can do this in OpenSpace3D?
Thank you for attention.

#19 Openspace3D » Example usage of the plugin DB Sqlite3 » 20-Jul-2016 15:27:00

Replies: 8

Does anyone have an example of use of PlugIT DB Sqlite3 and including entry, modification and deletion of data in the DB?
I will be very grateful for the help.

#20 Pub - Café » Congratulate » 29-Mar-2016 19:01:39

Replies: 1

I want to congratulate the whole team I-maginer and developing OpenSpace3D the excellent work. I'm sure that is becoming an reference of the environment  of the multimedia  authoring , virtual reality and augmented reality.
I congratulate also the video quality produced to present the OpenSpace3D resources.

Alexandre Bastos
Educartec - Brazil

#21 Re: Openspace3D » LeapMotion to Android » 18-Jan-2016 16:58:53

You are right. I thank you for your reply.

#22 Re: Openspace3D » LeapMotion to Android » 17-Jan-2016 23:42:37

Great, the use of peripherals connected to a smartphone will be of much use.
Actually you're right, the Leap Motion development team are committed to developing the SDK for Android, but are dificuldados finding in processing demand that this peripheral requires ( -requirements / 2845)
I thank you for your reply.

#23 Openspace3D » LeapMotion to Android » 17-Jan-2016 14:26:09

Replies: 5


It would be possible to use an OTG cable along with plugIT LeapMotion to use the Android application to read the hand movements for a smartphone?

#24 Pub - Café » Congratulations » 1-Jan-2016 14:00:32

Replies: 2

Hello Arkeon,

I wish that in 2016 you and the entire team at I-Maginer Company have good health and prosperity and who can continue this wonderful project OpenSpace3D.

Special thanks to you for your dedication and efficiency in assisting all that somehow require support for the development of a new application. Know that your work is admirable and very important.

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