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#1 Re: Openspace3D » récupérer bonne et mauvaise réponse avec Text Input CI Plugit » 11-Jan-2021 15:04:05


Tu peux utiliser un plugIT "if" pour vérifier si la réponse correspond à la réponse attendue et jouer le son correspondant

#2 Re: Openspace3D » label plugit problem » 11-Jan-2021 14:59:55

Hello, OpenSpace3D does not yet supports special characters on non-Windows devices.

#3 Re: Openspace3D » Realité Augmenté » 23-Nov-2020 11:12:49

Oui, il est possible d'utiliser plusieurs marqueurs de réalité augmentée simultanément, il suffit d'ajouter un plugIT "AR marker" pour chaque marqueur que vous souhaitez utiliser.

PS: vous ne pouvez pas diffusez des images sur un forum directement depuis votre pc, ou nous ne pourrons pas les voir. Il faut d'abord les héberger quelque part sur internet avant (site d'hébergement d'image, drive, etc).

#4 Re: Openspace3D » Share Plugit » 3-Feb-2020 09:52:09

We tried the plugIT to share several types of file to different applications, but so far we haven't encountered any application with the same problem as whatsapp, so there is no real progress sadly hmm

#5 Re: Openspace3D » tutorial for openspace3d interface plugit » 31-Jan-2020 11:25:06

We would like to make one, but we haven't had the time yet. In the meantime, You can refer to the interface plugITs documentation.
We tried to make it as complete as we could, hope it will help you

#6 Re: Openspace3D » Share Plugit » 23-Jan-2020 15:21:54

I don't think so, in such cases we use a workaround that involves copying the file somewhere accessible before sending it to avoid these kind of problems. Maybe it is related, but we do not use the same method as in the case you suggested.

#7 Re: Openspace3D » Share Plugit » 22-Jan-2020 17:26:36

It might be, when the image comes from the app, we need to make a few things in order to use it in share intents, and maybe whatsapp doesn't like this.
On our end, it is hard to do tests, since none of us use whatsapp nor want to. However, we did not test this feature a lot yet, maybe we can find another app that has the same problem. I did most of the testing with an email app and the twitter app and from what I remember, it worked fine on these two.

#8 Re: Openspace3D » no sound on my AR video with openspace3d 1.71 » 16-Jan-2020 14:46:05

I tried the project you sent in the first post of the topic with the current version of OpenSpace3D, and it works well for me. The sound is low because the 3d sound is enabled on the video plugIT and your video isn't very loud to begin with, but it works. Did you try with an increased volume or the 3d sound disabled to make sure that it wasn't just the sound volume that was too low ?

#9 Re: Openspace3D » Share Plugit » 16-Jan-2020 14:23:33

Does the message comes from your application, Whatsapp or Android ? What is the format of the picture you are trying to share ? Is it supported by Whatsapp ? Is the problem specific to Whatsapp or does it it happen with other social networks' apps for exemple ?

#10 Re: Openspace3D » Share Plugit » 16-Jan-2020 11:58:28


This is probably due to the to the MIME type parameter. By default, it is set to */*, but to share a picture you may need to set it to something like image/*

#11 Re: Openspace3D » no sound on my AR video with openspace3d 1.71 » 15-Jan-2020 10:05:05

Hello, did you try with OpenSpace3D 1.82, the latest version of OpenSpace3D ?

#12 Re: Openspace3D » Videos tutorials [wish list] » 20-Dec-2019 10:02:40

It sometimes got stuck with me too on the streamed install. It normally takes about a minute or less, so when it lasts for more than that I close the console window and try again, it generally works on the second try (that's recent it seems, I only noticed it this week while doing tests for your problem).

As for the "app not installed" problem when you do it manually, my best guess now is an incorrect / corrupt apk ? But it only happened to me when I tried to manually edit an apk, probably breaking both the signature and zipalign that make a valid apk.

For information: We will be on a two weeks' leave starting this evening, so we won't be able to make progress on your issues during this time. Sorry for the troubles.

#13 Re: Openspace3D » Videos tutorials [wish list] » 19-Dec-2019 12:32:10

That is strange. Judging by your screenshot, I assume you copy and install the apk manually on you device. What happens if you install it by checking the box "Install on connected device" while exporting ?

On another subject, it seems we managed to correct the bug with xml reader, we uploaded a new portable version of OpenSpace3D 1.82 that include the fix, so you can download it again if you want to test that

#14 Re: Openspace3D » Videos tutorials [wish list] » 18-Dec-2019 17:34:08

Hello, thank you for sending me your project and for the precisions. I spent the day trying to figure out what was going on. Seems like you found a very specific kind of bug.
So far, I've been able to see that the application only crash on ARM 32bits architecture (armeabi-v7a) for Android, it works fine on ARM 64bits architecture (arm64-v8a). This is due specifically to the cutout materials (as soon as we delete the ASSET/****Screen materials in both groups, the application stop crashing on start) , but we still have to investigate further to see exactly what went wrong.

For now, the best workaround I can suggest is to use the last version of OpenSpace3D and to make arm64-v8a exports (both your devices are compatible from what I checked, like most of the current devices), as it is what is working with me. We will continue to look at this problem, thank you for helping us to spot it.

#15 Re: Openspace3D » Videos tutorials [wish list] » 17-Dec-2019 11:39:25

I insisted on the version you are using because a lot of things have changed for Android in recent versions of OS3D, and some of your problems might have been solved by using the newer version. Also, we do not issue fixes for older versions, since we focus on the development of the future versions, and any fix will only come with these upcoming versions.

About the loading problem with xml reader, it seems that it is a problem that already occured, but we don't know yet how to reproduce it consistently, so we cannot debug it yet.

About the problem with your video, I did not encouter any problem while doing an AR video with green screen substraction, and it works on my Android device. Could you please export your project as an OpenSpace3D project package and send us the resulting .pkos so we can check what potentially went wrong with your project ? You can either upload it somewhere or send it to me at
Also just in case, what is the device you are using to test your application and which version of Android does it run ?

#16 Re: Openspace3D » Videos tutorials [wish list] » 16-Dec-2019 16:56:52

Thank you for the precision, we will look at this problem.

As I was trying to explain, "default" does NOT do the same thing in 1.70 and 1.82. To make a real comparison, select "armeabi-v7a" for exemple.

If you want a little more technical details: "default" on 1.70 produces an APK that contains only the files for the "armeabi-v7a" architecture so only ARM devices supporting 32 bits applications (most of android devices) will be able to run this APK. "default" on 1.82 produces an APK that contains all 4 available architectures (armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86 and x86_64), hence why it is nearly 4 times bigger, but it will be usable by all Android devices. And you can still have only one architecture in your APK by selecting which one you want instead of "default"
When you upload your application to the Play Store, you can either upload an APK containing all the architecture you want to support, or one APK by architecture you want to support. Another option is the App bundle, which helps to avoid the hassle of having to export 4 different APKs while allowing to keep small APK sizes in the end

#17 Re: Openspace3D » Videos tutorials [wish list] » 16-Dec-2019 14:24:05

Can you please give us more details about the problem you are encountering with the xml reader plugIT ? We will try to fix it.

About the apk size, it depends on the target architecture. In versions prior to 1.81, the default choice was armeabi-v7a (arm 32 bits), but now the default choice includes all architectures. By selecting a specific architecture, the size of the apk should be around the same size as with the previous OpenSpace3D versions

#18 Re: Openspace3D » Videos tutorials [wish list] » 16-Dec-2019 10:27:27


The Android export has been overhauled since the version you are using, could you please try with the last version, 1.82 ?

#19 Re: Openspace3D » Bug touche enter plugit custom interface » 25-Nov-2019 11:12:39


Dans ton exemple, le lien entre manetteinterface et enterkey est mauvais : tu as mis button 1 down -> set qwerty mode
Sinon, dans le cas d'un bouton (comme c'est le cas ici), tu vas avoir besoin des liens:
manetteinterface.Button 1 down -> enterkey.Send key down
manetteinterface.Button 1 up -> enterkey.Send key up
Les deux sont nécessaire car le button a besoin d'un clic complet pour fonctionner. D'une manière générale, il vaut mieux toujours faire un "Send key up" après un "Send key down", car la touche est considérée comme enfoncée tant qu'un "Send key up" n'est pas envoyé.

#20 Re: Openspace3D » Where is the config file stored » 6-Nov-2019 10:12:58


The config file is stored in the OpenSpace3D/tmp/config folder

#21 Re: Openspace3D » How to create slider? » 5-Nov-2019 11:29:03


There is the "slider" type element in the "custom interface" plugIT that can do this, but as of now it is only possible to create horizontal sliders (although I will probably implement the option to make vertical ones if I find time).
If you want to create vertical sliders, maybe you can do something by using a "button" plugIT as the background and making some computations with its "pushed move" event to move another object that will be the cursor.

#22 Re: Openspace3D » Récupérer les ressources export .pkos » 11-Sep-2019 08:31:52


l'export .pkos sert précisément à ça, il réuni en une seule archive toutes les ressources du projet (.xos, textures, meshes ...).

Lorsque tu l'ouvrira sur un autre poste avec OpenSpace3D (de la même manière que tu ouvre un .xos), il sera décompressé et toutes les ressources seront placés aux mêmes endroits que sur la machine d'origine.

#23 Re: Openspace3D » Need some help for OS3D beginner » 19-Aug-2019 10:00:19

Hello, thanks for sharing your issues with us

1) Yes, OS3D is a bit CPU expensive, but any software involving 3D is. However, changing rendering settings will have little effect, as it mainly affects the GPU (unless you don't have a dedicated GPU in your computer, in which case OS3D rely on the integrated graphics). If you happen to have further CPU problems with more complex scene, know that the CPU usage of OS3D is highly dependent of the number of items there is in your scene.
Also, when the scene is stopped, some rendering options are disabled such as shadows and SSAO, so it is already a lower quality rendering.
Do you know what is the model of your CPU ? On the computer I'm currently using, I have a Intel Core i7 3770K (a 7 years old high-end CPU) and it is at about 33% load with little more than OS3D open.
We hope to improve CPU performance the day we will be able to switch to Ogre 2 or another 3D engine, but it won't be soon.

2) It is an issue we are aware of, and is due to the fact that the underlying font system is different on windows and the others platforms. Only windows supports special character for now, but we are currently working on bringing special characters to every platform.

3) No, there is nothing to improve that right now. We might take a look at that later, but it is not our priority

4) No, there is no way to do something like that. Is there a reason that you do not want to use a classic link ?
If you need to use a variable, you can use the "Var" plugIT to store your value, then retrieve it with the "GetValue" action, which will trigger the "Value" event containing the stored value that you can directly link to the CustomInterface.Text.setText action.
Alternatively, you can use a "global var" plugIT and retrieve it by writing %MyVarName% inside any link parameter. Just be careful when using several global var not to mix them up.

#24 Re: Openspace3D » OpenSpace3D 1.81 » 1-Aug-2019 09:18:58

App Bundle works in such a way that it is the Google Play Store that will hold on the keystore for you, and that you will sign the bundle with what is known as an upload key. There's several ways to proceed :

- You can ask the play store to generate the original key and provide you with the upload key when you create a new application. It is this upload key that you will use to sign the bundle, and you won't need the keystore.encrypted

- If you already have a keystore for your application, you can send it to the play store so you can use App Bundle (note : you cannot go back to the old system on the play store once you start using App Bundle for an application). To send it, the Play Store will ask you to encrypt your key with a specific command. That's what the keystore.encrypted is : the encrypted version of the key you provided, that you can directly send to the play store. You will only need it once.

#25 Re: Programing » How does the build part of your programs work? » 18-Jul-2019 16:30:01

Everything is available and documented on the android developper website.
Android Studio is here : and from it you can download the NDK and other tools in File > settings > appearance and behaviour > system settings > android sdk >sdk tools
A few useful links : … ative-code … ive-builds … veActivity

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