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#1 28-Nov-2021 16:47:13

From: irkutsk
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need a textbook on the program (new)

The important thing I would like to consider in it is working with data and variables and working with a database
(the developers' ignore is not entirely clear) but if someone can write a detailed guide in video lessons with explanations, I will pay him $ 100.
What needs to be sanctified in the lessons
- Working with interfaces and getting and passing variables inside.
- Working with conditions is an example of transmitting a numeric value from the interface and executing a command if the number matches or is greater and vice versa.
-Working with the configuration plugin.Getting and changing variables
-Working with arrays. Getting values.Sending values to an array. How it outputs values to the interface
-Working with the timer. How to change variables in an array or in a database at a certain time.
-Working with Sqlite. How to write variables to it and get them back.Through a customizable interface. For example, we have 5 values. They change over time. We record them in the database. There is a reset values button.If it is not pressed, then at the entrance we should get all the same values from the database.
-And the most difficult thing is working with MySQL through hosting. The same is getting and writing data to the database.
As a result, it is necessary to get a program capable of receiving data to the interface from a local database and partially from hosting.
Explain the whole principle of transferring variables from the repository to the interface.And from the interface to the storage. Using Config plugin,SQLite,MySQL(www)
the transfer will be via paypal(but there is a condition-it is necessary to get ahead of me.I will record a video tutorial as I progress.)

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