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#1 Re: Openspace3D » OpenSpace3D 1.9 » 7-Aug-2015 14:49:01

Wow ! This is just... AWESOME ! big_smile
I'll test Android support this evening, ahah !

#2 Re: Openspace3D » Anyone know a tutorial to make Augmented reality with tangible methods » 19-May-2015 15:16:44


Do you means that you want to push on a button and it appears an object ; and iIf you push on another button, the object desappers and another different object appears instead of the first object ?

Try using the Hide Plugit to show and hide your differents objects you want to display and map them with your buttons.

#4 Re: Pub - Café » 2013 » 8-Jan-2013 13:49:40

\o/ Happy new year !! lol

#5 Re: Openspace3D » tracking marker » 7-Aug-2012 15:17:23

Hi azis ! smile

If you want to know more about ORB algorithm, you can take this : … _final.pdf
The document is on the developer's website which programs OpenCV. wink

#6 Re: Openspace3D » Tutorials - os3d » 6-Jun-2012 15:43:12


I have to write a tutorial about how to make an application using Augmented Reality in OpenSpace3D for a website.
I will copy paste the link when it will be published smile

#7 Re: Openspace3D » Ar Piano not showing on the markers position. » 1-Oct-2011 12:34:12

Do you talk about disposition of markers in a sheet of paper ?
After saving markers in pictures files, why don't you use a picture editor (Paint for example) to dispose all your markers in one picture file. smile
Do you know what i mean ?

#8 Re: Openspace3D » Ar Piano not showing on the markers position. » 1-Oct-2011 12:05:00

In fact, markers are generated by the PlugIt ArMarker.
In ArMarker PlugIt, you can select marker by using the marker's id.
To save the marker in a picture file (bmp), you can click on the "Save" Button. wink And you'll have your marker in a picture file . smile

#9 Re: Openspace3D » marker and object » 20-Jun-2011 10:27:57


You can download an example here : LINK
Push on Enter to change randomly, Push on Space to reset. The marker 1 is selected.
Tell me if that helps you smile

#10 Re: Openspace3D » file image and random in AR » 20-Jun-2011 09:32:04


Thank you. That helps me to understand your problem. smile
In fact, you don't have pass texture on your objects so you can't apply a texture on them.
And you don't have selected a picture to apply on objects...

I'm not sure that you want to do.

1 - If you want to change color of the first "operazione", you can use material/material_color PlugIT.
2 - If you want to change texture of the first "operazione", you have to put a picture in your change_texture PlugIt.
3 - If you want to show ramdomly "operaziones", you can use object/hide PlugIT.

I will make you an example of what you want smile

#11 Re: Openspace3D » file image and random in AR » 17-Jun-2011 10:18:32

Humm.... It seems difficult to know where you are wrong with this screenshot.
Can you send more informations ? (others screenshots, your xos file or your project directory for example) smile

In your project, you can remove get_object_number plugit.

#12 Re: Openspace3D » file image and random in AR » 16-Jun-2011 14:41:12

The second choice is better than the first smile

2) on init inst -> link -> random output inst
= You link the event "Init" on the "Input" action of your random output inst.

If it's doesn't work, have you put your object in your change_Texture PlugIt ?
(Other : It's difficult to know if it's doesn't work on a random function big_smile maybe you have randomly the same number)

#13 Re: Openspace3D » file image and random in AR » 16-Jun-2011 14:12:24


If I understand, you want to change randomly texture of your cube when your game is starting right ? smile
If it's true, you should use the misc/on_init PlugIt. You link the event Init on the input action of your random output inst.

On your picture, you use Get_Object PlugIt with the event Object. But you have to call the action Get_Object to launch the Object Event.

Hope that helps you. smile

#14 Re: Openspace3D » flash interface » 16-Jun-2011 13:45:12


I think you have examples in Partition_LockedApp\demos\car_showroom\media\ directory.
The file interf.fla has example to do that.

import flash.external.ExternalInterface;

//Call function :"NameOfTheCallFunction");

//Callback Function :
ExternalInterface.addCallback("NameOfTheCallback", NameOfTheFunctionCalledBack);

#15 Re: Openspace3D » texture » 6-Jun-2011 14:53:55


In the ar_piano demo, it's not possible to add texture on cubics because material that applicated on don't have a pass texture.
But to add a texture on an object that have a pass texture, you can use material/change_texture PlugIT.
Documentation : … lugit.html
Don't forget that you have to put your png file in your scol partition ^^

#16 Re: Openspace3D » marker » 6-Jun-2011 14:25:52


With Aruco, it's not possible to modify marker because it's automatically generated.
But, some generated marker contains letters inside. For example, marker 955 look likes a B, marker 942 look likes a R, ...
You can try to search some letters in there smile

Here the list that i already found :

I = 0  ;  D = 939
L = 3  ;  N = 938
C = 771  ;  K = 190
G = 787  ;  B = 955
R = 110 - 442 - 942
E = 273 - 819

#17 Re: Openspace3D » Ar Piano not showing on the markers position. » 19-May-2011 22:32:01

Hi Brucelim cool,

if i understand, when you start arpiano, cubes are not well on markers.
So i think it's a problem of camera calibration.
You should try to make yaml file with the program "calibration". Arkeon gave you the link that explain how to calibrate your camera smile
You can find the program at this link :
That program will generate an yaml file.

It's a good idea to make a PlugIt specialized in calibration. smile I'll see that ^^

#18 Re: Showcase » Augmented Reality Work in progress » 10-May-2011 14:32:27


To compile the library of Aruco, you have to generate the project with cmake. After, you compile just aruco100. (Not the others projects)
The library aruco100.lib is generated in the directory bin/Release.
To use aruco100.lib copy and paste the library in the directory aruco-1.0.0/SDK/lib/Release.

Hope i answer to your question. smile

#19 Showcase » Augmented Reality Work in progress » 4-May-2011 22:31:16

Replies: 3

Hi, smile

I post just some videos of Augmented Reality that i'm working on.
AR plugit will be on the next release of OpenSpace3D.

A Demo of an AR Piano :

Flash required

The AR Car Showroom :

Flash required

That works with OpenCV and Aruco. big_smile

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