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#1 14-Feb-2016 23:57:56

From: Canada
Registered: 14-Feb-2016
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Kebec1661 v0.0-alpha

I am so totally impressed so far!

For initial evaluation, I deployed your installer onto a Win10 machine I have connected to my personal LAN and started playing with the OpenSpace3D editor. I have to to say that I am SOLD! You have a wonderful tool that I look forward to learning more about as I build my Thesis Project.

ok... well firstly I think some background is in order...

I am a Computer Sciences Student and really really dislike the mainstream tools and teaching aides my professors want me to be using. I am a Rebel. I decided early on what I want to do for my Thesis Project. I Want my project to use OGRE at its core, and once I found your wonderful software suite, I now know the direction I want to be heading in.

What is Kebec1661? I am glad you asked...

My Project is to be an MMORPG. I am a Gamer, and have in the past, enjoyed a good number of the “Big-Game” Titles... but, not one single game ever included all the features I wanted, so ultimately... I would move on to something else.

The intention of my Project is to be more Player-Driven than scripted. I hope this makes sense...  A Player-Driven game suite provides more flexibility while at the same time, stirs the imagination to endless possibilities. This is perhaps the one thing that in my opinion, other games have been missing with their scripted scenes and a real lack of multi-player socializing.

OpenSpace3D may very-well be the tool I have been looking for, to assist me in creating my vision of a self sustainable game platform intended for the one platform the majority of game developers overlook. I am talking about creating a game platform built specifically for Linux.

I have assembled a mix of Open Source Software and tools. My List includes; MakeHuman, MYGUI, OGRE3D, MYSQL... and now OpenSpace3D.

I have a very positive feeling about the possibilities that OpenSpace3D can provide and look forward to showcasing my results as I proceed.

I wish to extend my gratitude for this fantastic tool you have created!

I May not be Perfect... But Parts of me are Excellent!


#2 15-Feb-2016 19:04:27

Admin. / Scol language & OpenSpace3D developer
From: Nantes
Registered: 30-Mar-2009
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Re: Kebec1661 v0.0-alpha


thanks for the comment is always good to ear smile

OS3D is missing some important feature to make a MMO like simplement the ogre terrain system in the editor.
Since you seems to have good skills in C / C++ maybe you could help us making this happen wink


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