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#1 14-Nov-2014 15:48:01

From: northamerica
Registered: 20-Apr-2011
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left click button> control walkthrough question


(i researched the online documentation on this as well as arkeons's maneual but still have this issue)

i'm beginning to implement a 2d ui control of the walkthrough plugit using onscreen buttons.
i created 2 buttons, button1 and button 2
both have
enable mouse
enable hand cursor
show on start checked

i set one button1  link to walkthrough as follows:

button1 leftclick > walkthrough control action

in the link window, i entered
user parameter in the drop down, and

x y -1
ax ay az

in the box below, to make the camera shell move forward when i click the button

i cloned the button and set it up as follows:

button2 leftclick> walkthrough control action
in the link window i entered

x y 0
ax ay az

to stop the camera shell from moving forward

when i click the button1, the hand cursor appears but the camera shell doesn't move
when i move the mouse out of button1, the camera shell moves forward.
when i move the mouse back over button1, the camera shell stops moving

as for button2, when i click on it, the camera shell stops moving, and nothing happens when i move the mouse out of button2, so it works completely as expected



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