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#1 23-Feb-2013 21:58:31

From: northamerica
Registered: 20-Apr-2011
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1st step to fps game

well my son is at the age where he has a bow and arrow and nerf gun, so i'd like to inspire him to make games like this as opposed to just playing them....
shoot the astronaut

the sound is crappy and i just threw together what i found on the ogre wiki and a crude noise generator (i have to set up my virtual sequencer/synth setup on my newer machine), but a few plugits makes it not so hard.

i'll try to work in the avatar code i worked on last year.  i assume there is some way i can rotate/move bones of avatars? that way i could use some trigonometry to rotate an avatar's abdomen to aim a weapon at wherever that player is aiming.



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