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#1 27-Jun-2012 06:19:26

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AR with 2 Objects in 1 Marker

Hello arkeon, i wanna ask about how to make 2 objects which will appear alternate in one marker.. i made 3 markers, one marker for the objects, one marker (tangible marker) for showing object 1, and the last marker (tangible marker) for showing object 2. But, in my experiment,  one marker for the objects only can show one object, it should be changed to object 2. How should i do ?


#2 27-Jun-2012 09:15:24

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Re: AR with 2 Objects in 1 Marker


you can add a shell (dummy) and then move your objects as son of this dummy
track the dummy in the marker plugIT and use the Object Hide to show or hide the objects alternatively


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