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#1 2-Jul-2009 11:07:46

Admin. / Scol language & OpenSpace3D developer
From: Nantes
Registered: 30-Mar-2009
Posts: 4,833

OpenSpace3D Editor v0.1.4a

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- added missing index on import single mesh
- added scene fog editor
- adjust helpers meshes for better selection on click
- added volume setting in sound plugIT
- added infos on 3d with toolbar button
- animations rate frame skipping on low fps
- rotate rate frame skipping on low fps in rotate function
- possibility to disable auto fit on object select
- added sky editor
- added skeleton and morph animations support
- new call url plugIT
- new if plugIT
- new On init plugIT
- new Dialog box plugIT
- new close plugIT
- new Youtube plugIT
- new Counter plugIT
- new Var plugIT
- new MatColor plugIT
- new Switch plugIT
- sort plugIts menu by categories
- Show the plugIT editor window when adding a new plugIT
- rename Object link plugIT to Object click
- update Basic navigation plugIT with angle position and camera fov
- new Get camera plugIT
- new Get object plugIT
- new Object link plugIT
- new viewer_navigation plugIT
- added .scene import wizard (blender compatible)
- set the v3dlib default fps to 60
- added some functions in G2Dlib for lists
- resolved draw links bug when close a group tab
- resolved plugin load boolean set to 0 on initscene
- added import skeleton if available in import mesh
- change the plugITs load methode
- Added Application publication to a web applet with automatic ftp upload
- update of the plugITs resource selector

- some debugs


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