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#1 6-Dec-2023 15:48:41

Admin. / Scol language & OpenSpace3D developer
From: Nantes
Registered: 30-Mar-2009
Posts: 5,121

OpenSpace3D 1.92


OpenSpace3D 1.92 is done!

Enjoy the PBS materials and all the features you helped to implement.

1.92 - Changelog
- Add network Instantiate user
- Add network First user
- Debug plugit can now get current log entries
- Remade Target plugIT to behave in a more understable way
- Add Set object action to several plugITs (Target, Object control...)
- Update Items plugIT with more actions
- Update Joypad plugIT with device index parameter
- Add Lookat action on FPS plugIT
- Add Physic tools Actions to use with Items plugIT

- Add roughness / metalness to the material editor
- Add cube and cylinder objects in material editor preview
- Add Rect light type and params
- Add VR Passthrough template and example
- Update demos
- Show lights range using a spheric helper
- Correct VR dialog box transparency
- Update documentation

Core / Scol:
- 3D Engine:
  * Update to latest Ogre3D version
  * Change default shader system to Ogre3D RTSS with custom behaviors
  * Add SO3_LEGACY material scheme to keep old shader system
  * Better skeleton conversion when importing 3d models
  * Import Roughness / metalness textures when importing 3d models
  * Make shadows to behave better with other occluding lights
  * Reorder textures by type to avoid strange results
  * Correction on SO3WidgetSetTopOnFocus
  * Make lightshaft fit the light params
  * Add Rect light type
  * Correct stereo pixel format for MS mixed reality headset
- Speech recognition:
  * Add support for Android platform using Vosk offline speech recognition library
- OpenXR:
  * Update OpenXR SDK
  * Manage Pico hand tracking
  * Detect pinch gesture when no Oculus extension available
- Joypad
  * Manage device index to allow the user to choose the joypad to use
  * Add rumble function for compatibles Joypad
- Audio
  * Add input interface for recording


#2 6-Dec-2023 17:54:21

Registered: 30-Oct-2019
Posts: 167

Re: OpenSpace3D 1.92

Hello Arkeon

Thank you for this new version 1.92 !  Excellent work done. So to test.

On the other hand, is the Plug It support up to date on the web side Openspace3d ?

I haven't seen this for example for Instantiate user and Network First user if I'm not mistaken.

In addition I would like to buy the new ebook if up to date (I already have an "old" version).

Thank you so much !


#3 6-Dec-2023 18:41:56

Admin. / Scol language & OpenSpace3D developer
From: Nantes
Registered: 30-Mar-2009
Posts: 5,121

Re: OpenSpace3D 1.92

You're right I forgot to upload the updated doc ^^, it's online now.

I didn't had time for now to write a new ebook.


#4 6-Dec-2023 22:51:51

Registered: 4-May-2018
Posts: 271

Re: OpenSpace3D 1.92

Great that version 1.92 was released before Christmas. I can't wait to see what version 1.93 has in store.

I also have some questions.

What about exporting for web browsing? In an OpenSpace3D PDF from the Minister of Education in France it is written that an export for web browser is under development or is planned for a new update? Do you plan to recreate an export for a web browser?

What about artificial intelligence? Where are you now? AI is in my opinion the element that is missing the most in OpenSpace3D but also because I plan to develop games that need waypoint or Recast AI.


#5 7-Dec-2023 09:22:02

Admin. / Scol language & OpenSpace3D developer
From: Nantes
Registered: 30-Mar-2009
Posts: 5,121

Re: OpenSpace3D 1.92


web browser support was working a long time ago, when we were able to use web browser plugins. Now the only way should be to built it over webgl. It could be possible, but this is a huge work we can't afford for now.

I'll look on recast smile


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