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#1 7-Mar-2023 13:19:47

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Create a robot that recognizes images and speech

Hey guys,

I'm returning to the community after some time away.
I want to create a robot using raspberry pi. This robot must recognize a list of predefined images and say something about this image.
Has anyone done this with OpenSpace?
I remember an Arkeon project that was similar to this, but I can't find where I saw it.
Can anyone give me a tip?


#2 8-Mar-2023 09:16:34

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Re: Create a robot that recognizes images and speech

Welcome back smile

first you'll have to use a raspi 3, raspberry 4 is not yet supported.
Then you can use standard augmented reality marker with pictures to identify an image and trigger the explanations.
For the robot you can find electronic examples in the RPI plugiITs documentations


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