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#1 25-Nov-2021 01:49:09

From: irkutsk
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Data Base - questions

Good afternoon. There is little information about databases, I would like more.
1. how to output SQLite data from a table to text, and how to add it to this table via the string input parameter.
2. When connecting ODBC, you need to write the hosting address http://.......  ?
3. As I understand it, ODBC is also to connect to the database, but only on hosting and in fact I could get tabular data from it and transfer other data to it or not? If yes, then the same question applies to this database as in No. 1


#2 30-Nov-2021 10:41:25

Admin. / Scol language & OpenSpace3D developer
From: Nantes
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Re: Data Base - questions


1. you can find a small example using SQLite in assets/template/database/scores_examples.xos
2. To use ODBC you have to configure the database on your computer, you then define a database name with login and password.
You can then set this database name with credentials in the plugIT, when the database is connected you can use SQL commands same as SQLite. … rver-ver15 … linux.html


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