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#1 13-May-2020 16:02:58

Registered: 25-Mar-2020
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multiples object click in single object


I´ve been using object click plugit for my openspace3D projects to interact with different objects in my workspace. So far so good. smile

Now i ran into a problem, i want to interact with different parts of a single object to do different things, is there a way to solve this?

I tried using a dummy and putting it where i need it to click, but seems like you cant set a dummy as an object.

Any ideas?

Thank you


#2 14-May-2020 08:32:50

Admin. / Scol language & OpenSpace3D developer
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Re: multiples object click in single object

you can do this only if the object have different materials and apply the object click to material only.
Otherwise you will have to split the object in a 3D modeler


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