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#1 2-Sep-2019 16:30:41

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Character Font not included in Android export ?


I'm building a OS3D project to be used on android platform, and add a hud with some text. As it is proposed in the plugit "custom interface" or "text zone", i choose a particular character font type that is on my pc to write the text without problem.

But it seems that when you export your project to android apk, the font.ttf file is not included in the package and so can't be displayed on android devices.

There is very few default fonts included in the different versions of Android, so usually when you make an android app in other framework, you can add any fonts you want with some code in the manifest file and the xml files coming with it in the res folder.

So could you please tell me if i am making a mistake or if there is a way to ask OS3D apk exporter to embed font files used in a project inside the apk ?

Or maybe is it possible to add necessary code manually in the source files produced by OS3D apk exporter (especially in manifest), then recompile the apk in Android studio or other framework.

Thank you for your help


#2 2-Sep-2019 16:50:38

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Re: Character Font not included in Android export ?

for now on Android only the default open CV font are available.
We did some tests to allow to include fonts files but this is very slow to render hmm

We will try to make some more tests and maybe allow this mode in future releases for those who really need it despite of the performances


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