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#1 6-Jun-2012 20:11:56

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MakeHuman, Blender and Scol


In 2006, i wrote a tutorial / documentation approved by the MakeHuman development team. Perhaps the older members of Scolring remember this. It has since changed considerably ! smile

What is MakeHuman ? A free (under GNU GPL) application for making 3d characters.
What are the features ? read here :
Where is the documentation ?

For some time now, MH can export easily to Blender (before, it's a bit more difficult !). You can include your characters into a scene and export to Ogre3d, for example ...

Note too the tool to create the targets libraries : (bottom)
If you know Python language, you can code your plugins.


#2 8-Jun-2012 10:02:50

Scol Language & OS3D developer
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Re: MakeHuman, Blender and Scol

On precision: if you want to use it, then download the "nightly builds", not the alpha version which is really outdated.
But, the problem with those nightly builds is that it may work or not from one day to another... Fortunately, the developers are really responsive, and if you have a problem, you can use theirs forum. Myself I had a request about MakeHuman, and they coded my proposal within days smile.
But the export from makehuman to blender (and from blender to ogre3d) is not as easy as it sounds sad.


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