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#1 22-Feb-2012 13:55:40

Scol Language & OS3D developer
From: Nantes, France
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ACTA, inform people around you!

Usually, I do not give my opinion on this kind of subject publicly, but I think that it's sufficiency dangerous to inform everyone about this new threat around the internet, and the open-source/free projects.
The name of the charged is ACTA, which means "Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement":

Like lots of other law project currently debated (or already voted, like our national Hadopi), it will put in place a global surveillance system, but the concern for which I was shocked about the most is the ambiguity of the status of open-source project in this text: it could be interpreted (as some parts are not very clear) in a way that will simply put open-source illegal!
Lots of other points need clarification, starting by WHO is redacting this agreement?

For some of our worldwide friends (those from Japan, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Korea), the agreement had already been signed, but for EU, it's not too late!
Please look at to get more information, and talk of it around you!


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