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#1 4-May-2023 16:49:08

Admin. / Scol language & OpenSpace3D developer
From: Nantes
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OpenSpace3D 1.91


OpenSpace3D 1.91 is finally here.
This version is more stable and correct several issues of the 1.90. some new features are also added.

1.91 - 05/04/2023
- Add Items plugIT to creates items to collect
- Chrono: add Pause / Resume actions
- Object position: add "get scale" action
- OpenXR: add an option to use the initial position offset from the room guard center
- Add a microBit plugIT to communicate with a microBit card using a provided firmware
- Custom interface: add a validated text input event
- Material color: allow to set the transparency level of a material

- Add a quick menu on right click on the "open file" toolbar button to open the 10 last projects
- Allow to choose the 3D renderer in portable version (settings)
- Allow to choose the user partition path in portable version (settings)
- Meshes are loaded asynchronously in player and instantiate
- Add helper on point light and spot light to show the light range
- Correction on VR templates

Core / Scol:
- OpenXR: enable passthrough on Pico4
- Correction on a crash with AMD cards
- Correction on corrupted 3D models when no UV coords
- Correction on TGA reader
- Correction on skeleton import from assimp
- Correction on video reader on sound lags
- SO3Engine add SO3SceneCloneEntity and SO3BodyGetShapeDefinition
- LIPSSM shadows can now project 4 lights shadows
- All shadows methods are now overide by other scene lights
- Update Ogre3D version


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