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#1 18-Oct-2020 16:04:23

Registered: 10-Jun-2020
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Videoquality as material texture on object

Hey all, my question is addressed to the specific question if someone is experienced with the quality of local videos as material texture on objects ( for instance a 3d-tv-object ).
Always when i do this on full screen i got perfect quality. If i do on object as material texture, the quality is quite bad. As bad, so i can even not read text from video.
Thx a lot for response.


#2 9-Nov-2020 17:16:33

Admin. / Scol language & OpenSpace3D developer
From: Nantes
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Re: Videoquality as material texture on object

Hello, you can define the video size in pixel on the texture … lugit.html
Check 9 / 10 and 12 on documentation


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