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#1 28-Jan-2020 07:06:05

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Possibilities and capabilities of Openspace3D

Hi everybody!
After playing a little with the different PlugITs, and reading the official ebook and the online documentation, it is clear to me that Openspace3D is a powerful software, but as a begginer with this platform, I came with some questions that hope somebody can answer, or at least, give some advice (I know that I need to spend more time to discover the capabilities of this software, but I want to know your thoughts on this subject):

How can be used the Learning Machine PlugIT? (Can you use a dataset to train a model to identify images, sounds or text?)
Can a virtual (contextual) assistant can be made? (One that can recognize user intents and entities?)
The applications can be language independent?

I have some experience with Python (using Spacy and Rasa specifically), but also I fell in love with OpenSpace3D, so I wonder if it is possible to develop Machine Learning based projects with this platform.
Thank you everyone and have a great day!


#2 28-Jan-2020 14:56:16

Admin. / Scol language & OpenSpace3D developer
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Re: Possibilities and capabilities of Openspace3D

Hello !
Glad to ear that you fell in love with OS3D smile

the Learning machine plugIT was a basic OpenCV neuron network for simple data like mouse coordinates to recognize forms.
It's very complicated to use (sorry it was a test) I forgot how to use it myself ^^

To implement a complete learning machine system we should use another complete library. It could be a part of future OS3D developpement.

About languages, for now the issue is that we use only english character on multiplatform. On windows it use the system language with the default system font. You can define the app language in project settings.


#3 28-Jan-2020 19:49:24

Registered: 5-Aug-2018
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Re: Possibilities and capabilities of Openspace3D

Hello arkeon, thank for your response! As I am learning to use Openspace3D, I love it more big_smile

Hope that future versions of OS3D integrate the library (or libraries) to develop a complete machine learning based project, I wil be waiting for!
I'll give a try to the development of an aplication with voice and text recognition, hoping that detects my default system language (spanish).
Thanks a lot!


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