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#1 17-Aug-2017 07:22:37

From: irkutsk
Registered: 19-Jul-2014
Posts: 539

what is missing,list.

1. editor particles
2. terrain editor
3. direct animation editor
when working with the blender node animation - distortion remained. Animation with bones refused to work.
4. decals
5. the ability to load objects from other scenes and create them in the scene. Same with loading the level, it may be possible to make a block for this. 
_ those methods which have now, very complicated and few people understand where that.
6. way from currents to the point object with the directions of and reaction to stimulus. So you can create a primitive AI
7.system GUI - now you can use only the buttons and text area. The rest level of the programmer.
7.1 glowing text and symbols - creating a menu which is visible from far away
8. animated texture. The ability to add frames to the animation. and to manage it.
9.  Shader the water surface
10. Problems with the lighting. You may want to improve or replace algorithm light.

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