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#1 15-Mar-2014 02:23:58

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Hi to all ..
Couldn't find a "Hello" thread, so Hi to everyone from me.
I am from Australia and first noticed this website at a OculusRift page.
I've managed to add the rift viewer and the FPS thingy to the Car showroom scene and also to add 3DSMAX scenes into the OpenSpace editor.
I still find it awkward to use the Perspective window as the mouse movements are very strange indeed..
Zooming in and out require the use of shift,Ctrl and Alt keys which is a bit horrible. BUT wowie, what a great little program this editor is..and FREE too.
I am finding it quite amazing and do wish to thank all concerned.


#2 15-Mar-2014 12:51:09

Admin. / Scol language & Scol apps developer
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Re: Introduction


Welcome and thanks for your feedback.
Indeed, Scol and Openspace3d are free (free as a free beer and free as freedom).
Have fun ...


#3 15-Mar-2014 20:04:55

Admin. / Scol language & OpenSpace3D developer
From: Nantes
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Re: Introduction

Hi and welcome !

Thanks for your feedback, ergonomic design can be discussed also smile


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