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#1 Re: Openspace3D » Scol Voyager plugin » 17-Mar-2014 01:14:23

Sorry about delay. Went through previous posts on this issue and checked out all options.
No virus or firewall during installation. As said before, everything else operates Ok for me.
This plugin does not work for me. My computer is Ok and all other groups and forums I belong to and are active in are Ok.
Any clues or should I just forget it.
I've been several hours on this and it's getting rather boring.

#2 Re: Openspace3D » Scol Voyager plugin » 16-Mar-2014 00:55:22

Operating system W7 64bit  all up to date.

Installed "normally".

The error messages appear on all links that point to a Showcase file !!

I've had no trouble with anything else at all on the Net. Only this plugin.

If I must "reconfigure" my computer, I'd rather keep things the same and forget about the plugin.
But if there are any updates or edits or what-have-you, then I would be very keen to go further.
Thanks !!

#3 Openspace3D » Scol Voyager plugin » 15-Mar-2014 02:56:22

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When I go to Showcase...I cannot load down anything as this message keeps appearing: The Scol Voyager plugin is not detected, please download it and install from

I try and download as per instructions but I'm informed all is up to date !
Anyway I reinstall and keep getting the same message.
Does one need to manually install this plugin somewhere? If so, where?

#4 Pub - Café » Introduction » 15-Mar-2014 02:23:58

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Hi to all ..
Couldn't find a "Hello" thread, so Hi to everyone from me.
I am from Australia and first noticed this website at a OculusRift page.
I've managed to add the rift viewer and the FPS thingy to the Car showroom scene and also to add 3DSMAX scenes into the OpenSpace editor.
I still find it awkward to use the Perspective window as the mouse movements are very strange indeed..
Zooming in and out require the use of shift,Ctrl and Alt keys which is a bit horrible. BUT wowie, what a great little program this editor is..and FREE too.
I am finding it quite amazing and do wish to thank all concerned.

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