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#1 Re: Openspace3D » video running slower than the real video » 23-Jul-2012 18:09:58

It isn't video by streaming. Video with .swf...

#2 Re: Openspace3D » installer » 23-Jul-2012 02:45:14

Pilih di menu plg atas.ada namanya project setting klo ga slh.nanti pilih export yg stand alone application..

#3 Re: Openspace3D » installer » 23-Jul-2012 00:21:55

Your case same with me. Just choose export player into stand alone application.. then appear export file in openspace3d's folder.. if you want play your player on the other pc,just copy the folder of export.. smile

#4 Openspace3D » video running slower than the real video » 21-Jul-2012 09:25:56

Replies: 4

My video was running on windows media player as long as 22 seconds. When i put into OS3D, then showed it above marker, i count the video's time of running with stopwatch... it was 39 seconds.. Why the video become slower if i put into OS3D with AR?

Thank you. Waiting your repy smile

#5 Re: Openspace3D » exporting animation to OS3D » 17-Jul-2012 17:45:04

THANK YOU SO MUCH Nodrev smile
I'll try it... ^^
I'm still using Blender version 2.49b

#6 Openspace3D » size of flash interface » 17-Jul-2012 16:13:23

Replies: 1

I put my menu ( with flash AS3, like Flash Menu of Demo Car Showroom ) on OS3D scene. I wanna make it wider, become width : 1280... Even though i changed the size of width on Flash Interface PlugIT become 1280, it didn't change... Actually, size of the Menu is 1280. In OS3D, it changed the size become smaller than the real size. How i make it become the real size on OS3D ?

Thank You smile

#7 Re: Openspace3D » exporting animation to OS3D » 17-Jul-2012 15:58:57

Nodrev wrote:

You can find those converter tools here: …

is there any rules for using that converter tools ?

#8 Openspace3D » exporting animation to OS3D » 14-Jul-2012 13:21:17

Replies: 5

I still didn't find how to show animation (contain from Blender) to OS3D.. What are files which is needed for running animation in OS3D ? So, animations are from Blender.... I've tried to export animation from Blender with Ogre Meshes Exporter, it producted files with the format : .skeleton, .xml, but it didn't product the mesh...

#9 Re: Openspace3D » handle slow movement » 11-Jul-2012 18:57:20

I have resolved the problem.. It must be in one scene, not just import the scene in one .xos file... I rewrite in one scene smile
But, i faced the other problem. I used two tangible marker to show object on one marker (AR Marker 1). AR Marker 6 for showing first object, AR Marker 21 for showing the second object.

AR Marker 6 plugIT (if it's pressed,will show object) -> scene.AR Marker 6.Lost -> Scene.hide cover area(2).Show -> to hide cover area (2) plugIT
AR Marker 6 plugIT (if it isn't pressed,will hide object) -> scene.AR Marker 6.Found -> Scene.hide cover area(2).Hide -> to hide cover area (2) plugIT

For AR Marker 21, it's same, but different for hide plugIT

The problem : When i changed the paper (for showing the other object), the object from event AR Marker 6 and AR Marker 21 become appear ( I know, it must be from the effect of AR Marker 6 n AR Marker 21 ---- scene.AR Marker 6.Lost -> Scene.hide cover area(2).Show ---- )
How i supposed to do for disappearing that object when i changed the paper ??

Thank you, i'm waiting your reply, iri and arkeon smile

#10 Re: Openspace3D » handle slow movement » 11-Jul-2012 15:21:46

iri wrote:

What is your configuration ?

Hmm, what do you mean iri ? I don't understand..

#11 Re: Openspace3D » handle slow movement » 11-Jul-2012 14:18:23

Yup.. they are simultaneously required.. My project is about Augmented Reality, so movement of capturing from external webcam and the object become slowly..

#12 Re: Openspace3D » handle slow movement » 11-Jul-2012 11:30:11

Flash hasn't inside yet.. Have you solution for solving this? I combine 3 file OS3D (.xos) become one file .xos..size of my objects (material,mesh,xml) is approximately 100mb

#13 Re: Openspace3D » menu » 11-Jul-2012 08:30:11

arkeon wrote:

export the OS3D scene using the "stand alone" mode
then an export directory is created in the project folder contains all the needed resources and files with an exe

Oh great ! Thank you so much Arkeon and Iri.. I did it smile
But, appears another problem.. It was running slowly, please give your opinion on here

#14 Openspace3D » handle slow movement » 11-Jul-2012 07:42:29

Replies: 8

I import three OS3D Scene with .xos format into one file .xos ... Then i export into Stand Alone Mode.. When I click the launcher ( .scol ), it was running slowly. How should i handle it ??

#15 Re: Openspace3D » menu » 11-Jul-2012 06:24:48

i've done to export the project in stand alone mode (from Demo Car Showroom)..It become .scol file, then I put that file to dekstop. For running the project, it still need to install the OS3D, right ? I thought that if i make .exe file, it doesn't have to install OS3D, but actually it must install OS3D,..

My lecturer wants me to make it practically, so user doesn't have to install OS3D, ScolVoy@ger, just click the .exe file and then appear the player. Is that possible ?

#16 Re: Openspace3D » menu » 11-Jul-2012 06:13:30

arkeon wrote:

It should be easier to make OS3D the exe file (export the project in stand alone mode)
and then include all your flash applications in OS3D as interfaces.

In stand alone mode OS3D can works like an autorun and use the exec plugITs to launch external exe files.

How to export the project in stand alone mode ? could you give me the steps for doing that ?
Yeah, maybe i put Flash interface in OS3D like Demo Car Showroom, after that I export the project in stand alone mode.. smile

#17 Re: Openspace3D » menu » 11-Jul-2012 06:11:30

iri wrote:

You must run Scol and next call os3d. You can join this in a single command :

%PATHSCOL%\Scol.exe tools/os3dplayer/os3dplayer.scol

where %PATHSCOL% is the Scol installation directory (by default, in C:\Programs\Scol Voyager)

Perhaps the double quote will be useful.

If Scol is registered in the system, you can launch os3d player directly :


where PARTITIONNAME is the name of the admin partition (usually, a sub-directory of %PATHSCOL%)

For example :
c:\Programs\Scol Voyager\Partition_LockedApp\tools\os3dplayer\os3dplayer.scol

Warning : ActionScript may impose restrictions

I'm sorry, but I don't understand, what's that mean...

#18 Re: Openspace3D » menu » 10-Jul-2012 15:25:02

I confused in level 1. How to make a launcher that will connect with scol (OS3D player)

#19 Re: Openspace3D » menu » 10-Jul-2012 15:20:25

iri wrote:

Sorry if I misunderstood :

1- The user should only click on a launcher. This launcher must be a MS Windows binary (an .exe file) and not a .scol file.
2- This launcher is an encapsulated flash content (a first user interface). This content must run the os3d player with the good AR project and the good objects parameters.
3- The AR project contains an other flash content : a second user interface.
4- This user interface must be shown in the os3d player and interact

If i've right, at what level is the problem ? Or where have i wrong ?
Otherwise, Arkeon or Nodrev may understand better than me what you want to do

YUP ! That's what i mean... I'm confused to connect OS3D to flash.because in Demo Car Showroom, OS3D is filled flash file.. i want the opposite smile
If somebody get ideas, please tell me..

#20 Re: Openspace3D » menu » 10-Jul-2012 13:44:20

I would like make menu (with flash, contain information about the object), the menu interface works like OS3D Player (when it played, it will connect to the webcam). So, the menu can connect OS3D. My lecturer told me to make menu interface in .exe format, she told me to make it practically (user just open .exe and then open the player, without open the OS3D Player first)
Is that possible ? If that isn't possible, i will make it like Demo Car Showroom (contain flash in the scene)

*my project is about Augmented Reality

#21 Re: Openspace3D » menu » 10-Jul-2012 09:59:13

.exe file.. flash file ( .swf ) is changed become .exe ..
I mean, my flash file contains scene from OS3D. So, when i open file with the format is .exe (contain flash interface), it will work like OS3D Player, and i can put my marker in front of camera. It seems like showing marker in OS3D Player, but not in OS3D Player ( in the other file, .exe). Could it happened ?

#22 Re: Openspace3D » menu » 10-Jul-2012 09:35:55

If I call the "main" function from the flash interface plugIT, it must be opened from OS3D. It's different case, because I wanna open the exe, the exe call OS3D..

#23 Re: Openspace3D » menu » 10-Jul-2012 09:22:40

ExternalInterface.addCallback("myParam", myFunction);
function myFunction(param:String)
    dosomething with param;
("myParam" is the name of the variable passing to flash from OS3D, and "param" is the value)

The source code above is put on Action Script 3 Flash. (done)

In the other way :"myParamToOS3D", param); (not yet)

Where the source code above is put ?

#24 Re: Openspace3D » menu » 10-Jul-2012 08:48:36

My interface is included in the 3D Scene (in my case, i will make interface with Adobe Flash CS4), that interface will be the exe file.
What should i do to make it happened..

#25 Re: Openspace3D » menu » 10-Jul-2012 07:14:56

I wanna make my interface with flash in the exe, but it has been connected to OS3D. So, we don't have to play OS3D Player for showing my object. What should i do first ? I have opened demo car showroom (media-> interf.fla), but i don't really understand. Flash interface(not plugIT) can call OS3D, and works like OS3D Player.

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