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#1 Openspace3D » Videoquality as material texture on object » 18-Oct-2020 16:04:23

Replies: 1

Hey all, my question is addressed to the specific question if someone is experienced with the quality of local videos as material texture on objects ( for instance a 3d-tv-object ).
Always when i do this on full screen i got perfect quality. If i do on object as material texture, the quality is quite bad. As bad, so i can even not read text from video.
Thx a lot for response.

#2 Re: Openspace3D » misc -> addsourcecode -> plugIT » 16-Jun-2020 22:20:27

Dear arkeon,
thanks for your input, i did the code-fragmented variant before. it is working. for the addsourcecode-plugIT i didn't know that for console-output i have to use: addLogMessage
thx for your effort

#3 Re: Openspace3D » AlphaChannel in Video - PlugIT » 16-Jun-2020 22:02:05

Thx lorcan71 and teacherone for response.
@lorcan71 greenscreen mode sounds interesting. could be worth a try!
@teacherone: i couldn't achieve it with your way, are you sure that it works? i mean what are your settings for the material/texture. i only see a black background if i have a video with transparent alpha channel
Thx, Chris

#4 Openspace3D » AlphaChannel in Video - PlugIT » 12-Jun-2020 15:41:15

Replies: 4

Hey there,
i am wondering if someone of you discovered experience with video and alpha channel. Simply adding Video-Plug-IT and using some of the formats ( mkv, mp4, webm, flv, avi ).
I tried avi and webm but without success.
Are there any suggesstions? ( My need is a person speaking keyed from greenwall )
kind regards, Christopher

#5 Openspace3D » misc -> addsourcecode -> plugIT » 10-Jun-2020 11:20:05

Replies: 2

Dear users,
i don't know whats going on here, maybe i am not getting it, but i try to simply use scol-code in openspace3D-Editor via misc->addsourcecode-plugIT

for a test i would set values on global variables via a function setVariables.
Could you give me a hint on how to do so, if possible anyway?
kind regards, Chris

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