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#1 Scol » download and unpak .pkos file » 15-Mar-2020 13:24:02

Replies: 1

hi all

goal : i want download and unpak a pkos file, after that use instantiate plugit to load .xos file

fun cbRun (inst, from, action, param, rep, p)=       
    let p -> [url path] in
        downloadFile url mkfun3 @loadpakfile  [path];
            _fooS "load ok ";

            let mkUnpakOS3DProject // i need some thing here from path//  "" 1  -> nfile in
                    _fooS "unpak ok";

download is ok

but i cant unzip/unpak the .pkos file

mkUnpakOS3DProject  need [p s i]

how can i get p from a path file

i tried also
let getFilesFromDir "tutorials/yakfr.pkos" "pkos nill -> file ->in   (sure its not correct)


#3 Openspace3D » pytorch An open source machine learning framework. » 29-Oct-2019 16:20:40

Replies: 3

HI all

is it possible to add this library  to os3d ?

there is a c++ binding


#4 Openspace3D » vrbox - stereo » 24-Jun-2019 17:39:16

Replies: 1

hi all

how can i set focal lenght or activate autofocus "stereo plugit"


#5 Re: Openspace3D » Oculus Quest » 24-Jun-2019 16:04:22

salut arkeon

j'ai un casque vrbox, j'ai fait un test hier c'est intéressant avec le plugit stereo (+ fps et orientation)

je ne sais pas comment régler la mise au point , au delà de 3cm de la camera tout est flou
comment je peut activer l'autofocus

NB désoler si je pose la question ici, j'ai pas voulu crée un nouveau post.


#6 Re: Openspace3D » Aruco marker orientaion problem » 17-Jun-2019 17:01:16

i did some tests

replace (SO3MathsDegreeToRadian 90.0)  by (SO3MathsDegreeToRadian 0.0)

in editor th marker is correct
but when i push play, the rotation still exist


#7 Re: Openspace3D » Aruco marker orientaion problem » 17-Jun-2019 14:32:30

in earmarker.pkg  line 118

let if pmarker.EMP_markerType then quat else SO3MathsQuatAdd quat SO3MathsEulerXYZToQuat [(SO3MathsDegreeToRadian 90.0) 0.0 0.0] -> quat in

(SO3MathsDegreeToRadian 90.0)  rotation is here

#8 Openspace3D » Aruco marker orientaion problem » 17-Jun-2019 13:17:28

Replies: 5

hi all

with any image as marker the orientation is correct

see here

but with intergrated aruco markers there is a 90 deg rotation between  editor ui and 3d space

see here

can you check, plz.

if i use a dummy with 90 rotation, i must rotate all related objects.

it will be perfect if we can manipulate marker position and orienation directly, with out a dummy.


#9 Re: Educational Projects » FlowerAR » 23-May-2019 16:48:36

thanks for the solution.

but i mean text utf-8

#10 Re: Educational Projects » FlowerAR » 21-May-2019 12:56:54

hi all

is there any support for arabic.

with label plugit i get   ????    for   كنغر


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