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#1 Re: Openspace3D » tracking marker » 6-Aug-2012 15:42:30

I am still confused how to detect the marker ...
when using library aruco
please provide an explanation and method of calculating the marker ......

for example in the trunk, an example where I have to take

please explain what kind of algorithm orb?
and provide an explanation and calculation algorithms orb

#2 Openspace3D » tracking marker » 23-Jul-2012 16:56:56

azis bahari
Replies: 4

hi arkeon
I want to ask about the method of fiducial marker tracking and markerless
using what method?
please provide the theory and implementation of the method used

thank you

#3 Re: Openspace3D » installer » 23-Jul-2012 00:46:11

tolong bantu saya membuat
aplikasi openspace3d yang saya buat .xos

#4 Re: Openspace3D » installer » 23-Jul-2012 00:01:44

I still do not understand how so openspace3d application that I created can be played on other devices
who did not install openspace3d

#5 Re: Openspace3D » random instantiate » 19-Jul-2012 20:40:08

I still do not know how to disable link instantiate
1.main instantiate ........................... A. instantiate
                                                         2. instantiate
                                                         3. instantiate
please explain to scoring using a var ...

#6 Openspace3D » random instantiate » 19-Jul-2012 12:07:03

azis bahari
Replies: 3

I make a game with openspace3d
such as flash as its menu the play button
da I make the play there are many instantiate ....
what if I can hit the play button when selecting randomly instantiate

and how to make a score on openspace ....
for example when in the game there are 5 buttons ..
when I have played a key 1, then the 1 key can not be played again

#7 Re: Openspace3D » interface FLASH » 18-Jul-2012 02:07:54

where do I put the coding external call
and external callback
please help me to put the coding in the interface which I include

#8 Openspace3D » interface FLASH » 17-Jul-2012 16:16:05

azis bahari
Replies: 3

I have a flash with as3
I have the flash buttons, mulai buttons, exit button, tentangsaya button, petunjuk button
then how do I make the buttons that I created
can be called in openspace3d

I include that I made in flash format. fla

I hope anyone can help in coding as3

#9 Re: Openspace3D » flash » 14-Jul-2012 20:38:11

to html
using which version?
and I asked for an example interface for html and javascript

#10 Re: Openspace3D » flash » 14-Jul-2012 11:01:27

I do not understand as3 ....
allow me asking for help
I want to make a flash game with ar
flash consists of the main menu and the menu ... play
in the main menu there are 3 button like in demo kid
the play, credit, and quit

I want to ask how the coding such as 3 to play on kidkitcen
so the menu can be loaded instantiate play

#11 Re: Openspace3D » flash » 13-Jul-2012 16:21:49

I saw a kid demo kitchen on the examples openspace3d
I want to make a game like that how.
if I'm allowed to flash that is on the kid kichen but the file extension. fla
if allowed to ask for the file please send to my email

#12 Openspace3D » flash » 11-Jul-2012 20:58:56

azis bahari
Replies: 8

how to use flash like kid kitchen

#13 Re: Openspace3D » virtual button » 11-Jul-2012 02:38:14

to make these virtual buttons using PlugIt what?
for example, using motion detection, capture, or the other

#14 Re: Openspace3D » virtual button » 11-Jul-2012 01:50:07

yes i want to create a virtual button ....
can not you give an example
I still do not understand

eg I want to create a virtual 3 buttons each button contains ar

#15 Openspace3D » virtual button » 10-Jul-2012 15:31:17

azis bahari
Replies: 4

how to create a virtual button as on the application of virtual dressing room

#16 Openspace3D » installer » 8-Jul-2012 06:28:54

azis bahari
Replies: 7

how to make the installer application openspace3d so that when the application is installed on another device can play it without having to install applications openspace3d

#17 Openspace3D » if in openspace » 3-Jun-2012 19:11:00

azis bahari
Replies: 4

hi all
how to use if the openspace
and how writing
Please give examples if

#19 Re: 3D » help » 2-Jun-2012 02:29:19

I use a standard material
I have tried several times but always as a result

I ask for help
to export the file that I gave
because I was in his thesis
and file is very important for my thesis


#20 3D » help » 1-Jun-2012 02:56:17

azis bahari
Replies: 4

I want to ask for help
I have the object 3dsmax
and I want to change its file to the ogre. scene with easyogremax
but the colors when converted to ogre becomes colorless

is there anything that can help me to convert my files into ogre. scene
I am confused with ogremax

if anyone can please send it the file that was exported to my email

#21 Re: Openspace3D » make project like 3dscene » 17-May-2012 04:58:11

how to make it as 3dscene objeck in 3dsmax

#22 Openspace3D » make project like 3dscene » 15-May-2012 19:42:29

azis bahari
Replies: 4

I see the project scene3d in demos folder.
and I want to make a building like that, using google sketchup is exported to ogre ....
how to export the results that I made, it can be run like a 3d scene, because there in a folder on the scene3d have maps and program  ...

#23 Re: Openspace3D » combining the two projects » 11-May-2012 23:12:54

sory does it mean to be a group made???

do you have a tutorial??? i try but still show can't hide...

#24 Re: Openspace3D » combining the two projects » 11-May-2012 19:40:51

how to hide the object house??  when we know the object in the house there are other objects

#25 Re: Openspace3D » create augmented reality event » 5-May-2012 01:49:03

so in the example demos
there is an event where when we approach the TV and click on it,
then comes the video .........
and I want to make a video that appeared when I opened the door, and the video is also there ar as ar_piano where Sinbad was changed to the existing video and buttons to bring up the tone of do-re-mi converted into a key to start and stop the video.

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