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#1 Re: Pub - Café » Questions about SCOL » 13-Oct-2015 10:07:11

hebdemnobad - thanks for the info.
Also I noticed that SCOL is similar to the F# language. F# too (like SCOL) derives from the language OCaml. Now I'm learning functional programming and F#. For me it is very difficult smile
After that, I'll be back to learn SCOL (and translate textbooks SCOL-OpenSpace3D on Russian language).

#2 Re: Pub - Café » Questions about SCOL » 29-Sep-2015 09:44:05

I had forgotten that .chm is designed only for Windows sad
File .chm seems to be unlocked via "properties" item on the file menu.
First I'll translate the tutorials SCOL and OS3D. After that I will look for another file format for the documentation of SCOL API.

tSoWgR5.png F8KdIyK.png N9dLoVk.png 5KQex1M.png

#3 Re: Pub - Café » Questions about SCOL » 27-Sep-2015 07:10:22

arkeon, iri - thank you very much for your answers, and for so much information! All of this information I will write to the SCOL tutorial.

arkeon wrote:

Wow you already made a great work !

Too bad that I don't know English and/or French language. Otherwise I translate to faster. But there is a reason to learn English, and possibly French smile.

It is good that SCOL does not slow down the three-dimensional scene. Also pleased that the language has much in common with OCaml.     
Documentation for OCaml translated into Russian language, so I'll sometimes use it to clarify some points related to the translation of a textbook on SCOL.

I also translate and documentation SCOL API. Already translated description of the major sections. Such documentation will be in the files .chm (within the General documentation file SCOL API, in other - SO3Engine API).
When translating SO3Engine API I deeply entangled in the structure of the sections, so I'll leave the document on the last turn.

1. API SCOL (total). Translation version 0.1.7. … sp=sharing
2. API SO3Enline. Translation version 0.2.1. … sp=sharing

Translation API documentation does not replace the original. So on the main pages .chm I left links to the original documentation.

#4 Pub - Café » Questions about SCOL » 24-Sep-2015 23:22:24

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I study SCOL.
Please tell me there are books newer than this? … nguage.pdf

Sorry, I understand English and French only via Google translator. I'm not a programmer.
Despite this, I began to translate the book into Russian language.
Also I use a variant of this book, written in French. To clarify the details.
The translation I'm trying to write efficiently. To do this, I study all the examples from the book. Also I read further sources of information.

Here is the translation:
SCOL ____________
OpenSpace3D _____ (original )
I'm currently learning the basics of functional programming. After that I will continue to translate textbooks.

I have more questions.
1. Why SCOL technology is almost unknown in the world?
2. Why choose SCOL? (for OpenSpace3D)
3. What are the disadvantages in SCOL?
4. SCOL is an interpreted language. For heavy 3D scenes he's not slow?
4.1. Functions (API) SO3Engine slow down your 3D scenes (about the comparison with "pure" Ogre3D)? Or not?
5. The SCOL much in common with OCaml?
6. What programs written in SCOL? (except OpenSpace3D, SCS, … ojets_scol )
7. SCOL Server is no longer being developed? SCOL Server 4 is the latest version?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

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