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#1 Re: Openspace3D » Videos tutorials [wish list] » 29-Jan-2017 12:07:59

let suppose u have elephant on one marker and sugarcane on another if it is near to the elephant at certain distance then elephant will walk towards the sugarcane and eat it ..something this sort of will be helpfull ...

#2 Re: Openspace3D » Videos tutorials [wish list] » 16-Feb-2015 21:41:12

can we have a tutorial of having an instantiating the  ball and hitting on the object with physics of bouncing ...i mean just hit the ball and it will jump

#3 Re: Showcase » Kinect Apps » 13-Sep-2014 03:50:57

HI  Wahyu118,
                       This is pretty awesome ................. i would be very thankfull.if you can provide us the source for reference purposes..

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