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#2 Openspace3D » installation path » 13-Jul-2021 12:52:37

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Sorry if this posts twice, but the other one apparently hasn't gone through.

How can I specify an installation path? My C: drive isn't big enough for this. Especially if all my data need to be in that folder for it to work.


#3 Openspace3D » Introducing my project » 13-Jul-2021 12:25:05

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I'm an architect/heritage scientist working at a university in Germany. We're starting a new master's module in using 3D scanning + digital data as a tool for building conservation. This project looks like a perfect tool for doing our virtual walkthroughs with added metadata by adding boxes "textured" with pages from the wiki. I'm excited to try it out!

So far, I've mostly used Unity for my own projects, but my students don't know much about coding and my employer encourages open source...

The big challenges I see at the moment are importing decent 3D models from our BIM software and, of course, adding dynamic content.

What's everyone else working on?

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